Writing an Online Dating profile.

We know that writing an online dating profile isn’t easy but it is an important part of your success or failure. Without a half decent profile you wont get anywhere, so we listed a few examples of that we think are simple and pretty good.

When writing yours, think about what image you want to get across, whether you want people to see you as funny and light hearted or sincere. If you want people to take you seriously you’ll need to show that within your profile. A member’s profile that has very little in it or worst still says nothing will give the impression you don’t really care and are not serious about finding what it is you are looking for.

It really is worth putting in a little time and effort to create something that stands out and reflects your true character.

Example 1. Genuine and from the heart.


Hi,  My name is Dave and I am new to the online dating world. With the years steadily increasing I thought it time to find love before I’m left on the shelf for good. I’m a family man and enjoy the simple things in life, although I don’t have any children myself I have a large extended family with numerous nieces and nephews that I am lucky enough to get plenty of time with.

I am looking for a woman with a similar outlook on life as I have. I believe whole heartily that there is someone special for everyone and its all just a matter of time before you find your perfect partner.


Example 2. Light hearted and fun


When I’m not busy saving the world, I change out of my super hero costume and love nothing more than a good chick-flick, not something I admit to the football lads!

I am looking for a partner in crime, someone that when we are together we can get up to all sorts of trouble. I am adventures and love to try new bizarre things- most recently embarking on learning to be a fire eater. I love to dance but a love for something doesn’t mean that you are any good at it, so if you also have two left feet, we will be fine.

If you have a crazy wild side and enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment, drop me a quick hello and we can take things from there.


Example 3. Simple, funny and to the point.





*Totally honest (as long as you ignore point no.2)

*Wizard in the kitchen and know how to load the dishwasher.




*Down to earth- bonus points for quirkiness.


*Non- smoker or at least trying to quit

If you fit the bill, lets get together and make our friends jealous.


Example 4. Funny test.


Before we go any further I need to ask you three questions..

  1. Are you a Justin Bieder fan?
  2. Have you ever watched more than 2 episodes of Jersey Shore?
  3. Have you ever appeared on a Jeremy Kyle show?


If you can answer no to ALL three questions- you’ve past the first test.


Your profile doesn’t have to be long and shouldn’t be your full life history. Online dating profiles are an introduction, if you were meeting a new college at from you wouldn’t instantly tell them where you went to primary school, list your favorite foods and past times and hobbies- would you? so why do it on an online dating profile?

Keep it short and friendly, be honest and give a true reflection of your character and you cant go wrong.