Life after divorce.

Irrespective of the circumstances that led you to being single, how you move on in your life is in your control. Life doesn’t end with divorce, it’s re-born!

It will  take time and effort and you’ll have to push yourself out of your comfort zone but there is life after divorce.

You will need to get out in the big wide world and make new friends and create a new social life for yourself.  But how?

Have you discovered Meetup? has time and time again proven to be a valuable lifeline for many people wanting to re-launch or boost their social lives. Meetup groups are set up by individuals wanting to connect with other like minded people who share a common interest- from singing, going to the cinema, theater, dancing, sports, weekends away and everything in between.

The website was launched in 2002 in New York following the aftermath of the September 11 attacks as a way of bringing people together. The site is now worldwide and keeps on growing.

There are 1000’s of different groups on there and they are all over the world- why not sign up and give one or two of them a try?

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