Dating advice, woman to man.

Stop trying to prove yourself

So you’ve managed to get yourself a first date with a gorgeous woman and you’re thinking, “How do I impress her? How do I convince her I’m half decent? What if she doesn’t like me?”

If this is your thought process, you are already on a downwards slope. Your desperation will be painfully obvious: you’ll be nervous, conversation will be awkward, if at all and things won’t get off to a good start.

On the flip side, if you’re thinking ‘Got this in the bag’, ‘How could any woman resist this?’ you’re on the same road to disaster.

Relax and be yourself, if she doesn’t like you for being you, then there is no future relationship. Except that you are most likely not going to hit it off romantically and simply plan to go out to have a good time. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

Be confident but not cocky.

Prepare and plan

Preparation is key, especially if you’re nervous about the date. Take time to look your best, iron your clothes, smell good and wear something that you feel good in. Not only will this help to make a good impression but if you feel good on the inside it will show on the outside.

If it’s down to you to choose where the date is, don’t automatically go with what everyone else does and go for a drink or out for a meal. Choose something different, something you enjoy (and hopefully they will too)

A first date doesn’t have to be in the evening, by arranging to meet on a Saturday afternoon to go go karting you’ll create far more interest and excitement than the normal first date scenario. (See my blog- First dates where and when) Put some thought into it, plan and prepare but be ready to just go with the flow.

Don’t make the date all about you.

This involves speaking less and listening more. Let her do some of the talking. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Conversation is a two way thing, engage in it.

And please, put your phone away!

If there isn’t a spark don’t try and fake one. Be honest and don’t say you like them if you don’t.


The next steps

If you think the date has gone well, don’t be scared to ask her for another, you’ll have a 50/50 chance of her saying yes. Do it on the night, don’t wait, don’t do the ‘ill call you’ line.

If you enjoyed their company but don’t see any romance happening between you both, tell them.  Be honest but polite. After all in a world full of millions of people, not everyone will be ‘the one’.

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