A Guide to Online Dating

There are no hardened rules to online dating just simple guidelines.

Writing my profile, where do I start?

Honesty goes a long way in an online dating profile, you are who you are and you want to find someone that accepts you as that. Be positive and confident but don’t come across as cocky. Think about how your friends would describe you. Write about your interests and passions. The worst thing to do is leave your profile blank or write ‘just ask me’, as this will put people off and it gives them nothing to like about you.

What photo do I use as a profile picture?

The most important thing is to have a profile picture and one of you, without one you will get very little interest. A clear picture showing your face and preferably one of you smiling. If you use a picture of you with someone else, it’s good to explain who is in the picture with you or if it’s you holding a 20lb fish explain why.


I’ve found someone I like, now what to I do?

For a large number of people, online dating is a new concept and when it comes to sending that first message many members draw a blank. You can use the Meet-balls wink feature but a personal message is always much better received.

A few things to remember

  • Make your message personal, use the members user name
  • Ask questions (especially ones that show you’ve read their profile)
  • Don’t use pet names like darling, sweetie or love. These are a huge no-no!
  • Use good grammar and check your spelling
  • If you have a good sense of humor, let it come across
  • Be honest

Try to avoid sending really short messages like ‘hi, how are you?’ as these rarely get responded to. If you don’t receive a reply don’t take it personally. Women can receive hundreds of messages while men get very few. Stick to using the Meet-balls dating messaging system and never reveal personal contact details until you are totally comfortable to do so.